French Garden Tray

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Partnership Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris*

French Garden. Goldfinches, robins, colorful tits flitting between the tall grass and the daisies and cornflowers.

Cherry red back.

* The price of this item is a little higher because it is subject to a Museum fee.

High quality round top, 38 cm in diameter, in birch laminated wood created in Paris and manufactured in Sweden.

Eco-responsible product

Printed on wood from sustainable forest management, FSC® certified protected by a layer of melamine which makes the surface heat resistant up to 130°C.

Suitable for food use. Waterproof and unbreakable.

Not microwave safe.

  • Printing and colors may vary slightly from product to product
  • Clean with a damp or dry cloth
  • Exclusively indoor decorative tray
  • UV sensitive

Artisanal product, handmade finish, slight lines may appear on the contours of the tray due to the artisanal manufacturing process.

Manufacture : Desfossé and Karth

Collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris

Photographic credit : @MAD Paris/ Jean Tholance

Inventory No. 252396


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