Paradisio Imaginarium is the only house to publish numbered illustrations of panoramic settings belonging to the heritage of French decorative arts: Eden, Brazil, the Landscape of Telemachus on the island of Calypso are among them.

All our illustrations, whether or not they come from our collaboration with the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, have a rendering close to painting. These are not posters but “haute couture” quality art prints.

Hanoi, Bangkok, Pondicherry, the fabulous, poetic and singular images and objects, have rocked our imagination and made us want to offer several collections inspired by the discoveries made during scientific explorations as well as the long-distance voyages of 18th century navigators. and 19th centuries.

Flamboyant exocet, pineapple fish, brightly colored birds of paradise, lush jungle, microscopic animals that look like aliens, let yourself be captivated by this universe of poetry, reverie and adventure.

It is an invitation to travel, to meet distant places and your imagination.