The founders

Having been a couple for several years, Michael and Emmanuelle were driven by the desire to create a joint project. Michael was a photographer and Emmanuelle was looking for a creative project in her chosen field of decoration.

This is where the idea of ​​creating Paradisio Imaginarium was born.


Hanoi, Bangkok, Pondicherry, the fabulous, poetic and singular images and objects have rocked our imagination and given us the desire to offer collections inspired by discoveries made during scientific explorations as well as the long-distance voyages of 18th century navigators. and 19th centuries.

Flamboyant exocets, brightly colored birds of paradise, lush jungle, microscopic animals that look like aliens, let yourself be captivated by this universe of poetry, daydreams and adventures

The quality

The demand for quality is our leitmotif. We choose always high-end quality materials, which results in our collections being manufactured mainly in France and Sweden by professionals renowned for the quality of their work.

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