Amethyst Hummingbird

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Color: LINEN

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Decorative illustration of a hummingbird bearing the pretty name Amethyst.

This pretty hummingbird from the tropical forests of South America is a marvel with brilliant and iridescent reflections where all the colors of the prism are represented from violet to sapphire blue, including garnet, amethyst, ruby, topaz and emerald.

Very intense black background. another background color is available: linen

Did you know : Hummingbirds are among the smallest warm-blooded vertebrates in the world. The smallest male hummingbirds measure around 57mm and weigh around 1.6g. Hummingbirds have the fastest wingbeats of all birds. The hummingbird beats its wings 90 times per second, or 5,400 times per minute.

Very high quality art print using ultrafine pigment inks on 350g thick textured Vellum paper.

This excellent paper is used for art reproductions. We use a very saturated pigment process, ensuring our prints have a velvety appearance and exceptional color density, close to painting.

Additional protection with a feather board for framed illustrations in 50X70 and 70X100 cm formats.

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Our illustrations are printed on demand.