Installation advice

Necessary materials
  • a cutter
  • a smoothing brush or a clean, dry soft cloth
  • a wallpaper glue brush
  • a spirit level
Installation steps


A - Purchase of panoramic decor

Wall preparation

Condition of the surface to be wallpapered

Before starting, check that your wall is clean, dry, free of mold and without cracks or rough edges. The wallpaper is not completely opaque. It is preferable that the color of the wall to be wallpapered is light so as not to alter the colors of the wallpaper.

If you have a surface with cracks and/or holes, you will need to coat them beforehand and wait until the coating is completely dry.

If your wall is painted, sand with sandpaper (medium to fine grain) for better glue adhesion. If the wall has never been painted, you can apply a white primer. Finally, clean the wall surface using a damp sponge or cloth to remove any traces of dust or plaster. Let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Draw a marker

For ease, draw a vertical line using a level where you want to lay your first strip.

Paste the wall

Using a wide wallpaper glue brush, paste the wall in one layer, but not too thick, over a width greater than that of the strip. Make sure that the area which is to accommodate the strip does not have any lack of glue, to avoid blisters after drying.

Installing wallpaper

Always start from the top and position the strip along the line you have previously drawn. Smooth with a brush or a clean, dry cloth always from the inside out; Do the same for the following strips by placing them north on the edge without overlapping them; Cut off excess with a clean cutter blade, but only after complete drying

We decline all responsibility in the event of damage caused during the installation of our wallpapers. Please notify us of any defects within 15 days of the arrival of your purchase. We print on demand, small color deviations may occur in the event of orders spaced over time.