Murex shells in purple

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Plank of shells number of scientific works of the 19th century. Sculpted naturally by Mother Nature, they are the jewels of the seas and inhabitant of this magnificent Indian Ocean.

Did you know : The Phoenician city of Tire located today in Lebanon got the purple color from gastropods called murex; it was necessary to use 12,000 murex to produce 1.4 grams of pigment. Clothing dyed purple was reserved for an elite. This is how it was associated with Roman magisterial and imperial power and became an emblem of Antiquity.

Very high quality art print using ultrafine pigment inks on 350g thick textured Vellum paper.

This excellent paper is used for art reproductions. We use a very saturated pigment process, ensuring our prints have a velvety appearance and exceptional color density, close to painting.

Protection with feather board for additional framed illustrations for 50X70 and 70X100 cm formats.  

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Shipping between approximately 2 and 5 working days for the trays and between 5 and 10 days for the illustrations.

Our illustrations are printed on demand.